My point and Shoot 35mm film camera

Recently I bought a Ricoh GR III for my digital street photography and started to look around for a similarly sized film camera for the same kind of work / fun.

I found the Minolta AF-Z also known as Freedom III, which I have started to use along side the Ricoh GR3.

To my surprise it worked after replacing the 4 x AAA battery’s and everything seems to work.

I have shot and processed a roll of TMax 400 Black and White and here is a video showing the results.

Not to bad and getting ready to develop a roll of HP5+ that I shot the other day. As it was overcast and the light was fading I used the flash on a few shots, taking one shot without then the same with the flash to see the effect. Looking forward to seeing how they came out and will post them here asap.

Using this fixed lens and aperture camera has started me off setting all my cameras, film and digital, to their widest apertures and exploring what kind of images I produce using this concept. So far so good and will post a separate post here for the film results and for digital at .

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