Low light 35mm film try out

Thursday the 16th Dec I had the pleasure of returning to a jam night at Mr Bumbles Camberley where I have drummed as one of the house drummers for some time before lockdowns.

I took the chance to try out shooting some film in pub gig lighting conditions using my Canon AL-1 and my Minolta point and shoot.

The canon I loaded with 20 year old XP2 400 set to 800 iso and the Minolta with 200 ISO Kodak.

the 20 plus year old XP2 400 was used to a clear the old roll out before I start on my fresh stock and to see what happens with both the film and how my trusty AL-1 handled low light and focus confirmation.

As you can see from these digital scans, they came out better than I thought they did when I developed the film using Cinestill C-41. 5.30 min for the Dev and 8mins for the Blix.

I want to thank everyone who let me take their picture especially Jess who I hope to work with soon.

Back to high flash 80’s

With the Minolta I wanted to try and get that high flash 80’s fan at a gig look and as you will see below I think I manged it.

Only four of the 23 shots I took are useable because like and idiot I opened the lid of my developer tank because I thought some dirt got in forgetting I had wound on the roll before hand.

Cinestill C-41 dev for 3.30 and 8 mins Blix.

Luckily I wasted the last 13 frames to develop the film so thankfully that wasted film took the brunt of the exposure to light.

Next Time…

Once Christmas and New year are over I will pop down to the jam night again and this time use fresh film stocks and maybe a flash on the Canon AL-1 with some kind of defuser to soften the fill light.

In between taking the pictures I enjoyed taking the drum seat and bashing out 6 tracks which surprised a few people.

I am not sure I can use my new enlargers to print these to paper as the negs are not as clean as I think they need be, if you know better then please do let me know if it can be done, but looking forward to repeating this shoot again hopefully getting better negs to print.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and an excellent new year.

DC x

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