First happy new year to you, as at the time of writing this, it is the start of 2022 & over the last couple of days I have realized I am BORED with my photography.

To be clear, I am not bored of any aspect of photography just bored of the photos I am taking and this is going to change through 2022, a new years resolution if you like.

In the menu I have made a “Journey” item with the months of 2022 listed below. This is where each month I will take a look at my Film negatives and share with you via a digital copy and scan of the full print to paper, the image I consider my best work for that month.

I am also do the same thing on my Digital website DavesPhoto.

I have already decided to stick with Ilford FP4+ for day to day shooting and Delta 100 for when I have absolute control over lighting ie studio work.

Ilfords Ilfotec HC is going to be my developer of choice and over the coming year I will learn all the nuance’s of the films and developer sharing with you each month as I do.

Weapons of choice.

My trusty Canon AL-1, I have 3, & my EC & ETRSi Bronica’s are my film cameras of choice for this coming year. All the others will either be carefully stowed away or sold to pay for the film, paper, chemicals and travel I expect to use.

A year of discovery and development.

So 2022 for me will be a year of discovery and development, pun intended, where I hope to grow as a photographer in both Film & Digital.

By the end of the coming 12 months I hope we will all see how far I have come in creating images, where I went wrong and the corrections, how I made the image shared here in as much detail as I can and maybe even get back into making videos again.

Its going to be a long old slog ahead as I have to keep work and family then photography in a state of balance, but I am sure this new self imposed challenge will see me through the dull moments.

Onwards and upwards and again I wish you a very happy new year.

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