Ilford Delta 100 Shot & Dev @ 400

Ilford Delta 100 Shot & Dev @ 400

Managed to make the Scan and Print video as well so it has been added here for your enjoyment.

15th Jan 2022 the morning started extremely foggy so I grabbed one of my Canon AL-1’s, loaded a roll of Ilford Delta 100, had not 400 to hand, set the ISO to 400 and went shooting images in the fog over my local park.

Here is and in-depth video of me developing the roll of film using Kodak HC-110 and the LabBox developing box.

Ilford Delta 100 Shot & Dev @ 400

My take away in the main was fist have some 400 speed film handy 🙂 and also understand my spot metering, both handheld and in camera better.


Here I show how I scan film negatives into my computer via a tethered link to Light room and using a plugin call Negative Lab Pro.

I also show how I enlarge and print two of the negative using my Durst M601 enlarger

Ilford Delta 100 Scan & Print

Yes the videos are in depth (long) for todays bite sized world but I hope you can see how easy it is to get into film photography and have fun at home like I am developing and printing your own negatives.

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