Loading my own 35mm canisters

35mm film loader

To save a few pounds, after initial investment, and to speed up my testing of film shooting and developing ideas, I have bought a 35 film loader and a 30m roll of Kentmere Pan 100 to load my 35 film canisters.

Kentmere film is part of the highly regarded Ilford Films stable, HP5+, FP+ Delta and more.

This is what Ilford say about his lesser known film.
Kentmere 100 is a medium speed, black & white film suitable for a wide variety of applications where good lighting conditions are available (both outdoor or indoor with controlled / studio lighting).
The fine grain and excellent sharpness make it suitable for enlargement prints while its broad tonal range and wide exposure latitude make it a smart choice for beginners and those returning to film.”

Loading film cans with about 12 frames will allow me to rapidly shoot various project to see how I can get the best out of my camera, film, development and photography without burning though 24 and 36 frame commercial rolls.

My first project will be to under, normal and over expose the film in my Studio (shed) by 2 stops and develop and stock speed to see what happens. If there is value in the results, then I will share them here and on my YouTube channel, learn from the project and move onwards and forwards in my film adventure.

Shooting Film Is Fun

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