27th Jan 2022 a day of firsts

Yesterday was a day of photographic firsts for me.

My son wanting his photo taken by me i have already covered, still proud.

My first use of the “self rolled” films I mentioned the other day.

Using said films I learned to make sure the securing tape is secure, as 2 out of 3 released on the last frame which then led to my next first of the day.

So there I was with 2 cameras with film on the wrong side and unable to open them unless I did it in total darkness.

Looking around my Studio (shed) I noticed a pile of Paterson gear I had not used yet including the dark bag and three tanks.

So my baptism of fire was to use the dark bag, put both cameras inside with a tank that has two 35 spools. Seal the bag, open each camera releasing the film, loading it onto the spools, put the spools in the tank and close the lid making it light tight. Then on with developing them.

How hard could that be ?

We not as hard as I had thought, hence why the gear was on the shelf for a long time with me favoring the LabBox as a developer tank of choice.

Fiddly yes but I managed it and then went on the load 3 more rolls in the conventional manner into 2 Paterson tanks.

So now I have the facility to process up to 7 rolls of film in one go, 6 in the Paterson’s and 1 in the LabBox before needing to fully clean and dry the gear for a repeat performance. Why didn’t I do this earlier ?

I do tend to work best when under pressure, either self made or client time scales, so this time I added multiple skills to my bow and learned many lessons.

The main lesson is to secure my “Self Rolled” films better lol.

As always I wish you well and happy snapping

DC x

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