Feb 2022 is EOS-1 month

Canon EOS 1V hs

For the whole of Feb 2022 I have decided to brush off both of my Canon EOS 1 film cameras, the 1Vn and 1V HS, using all of my pro Canon EF L glass and blast my way through a mortgage value of films.

These two similar bodies are beasts to use and coupled with the excellent EF lenses give great results.

So over the month of February 2022 I will post here and on my YouTube Channel all of the highs and lows of using these two bodies and of course share the images I take with them.

I am also going to try and branch out more than my local park, although I did pop over there yesterday, 1st Feb, & rattle through 3 rolls of film to give them an airing, to give you something different to look at than the tree over my local park lol.

Going to be a busy but hopefully fun time this month and I look forward to your feedback as always.

Wishing you all well

DC x

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