Film or Digital. There’s a row going on…

For many reasons that would take to long to discuss here, I tested my key film cameras out in the Studio (shed).

Canon AL1 & A1 & the two Bronica’s were the candidates and pitched to help, spot meter, was the Canon R6.

Here is the Digital image that I am gauging my film output against.

Canon R6 film group shot

First up is the output from the Canon A1, which the day before I fixed a bit of “Canon Cough” it had.

This was bought as a “New old stock” unit along with lens and accessories, but sitting in a stock room not being used required a little TLC to spring it back to life.

A roll of 35mm Fomapan 100 was used and developed using Ilfords ILFOTC HC, which for me was a first time in using and will not be my last.

He are the images which I scanned and applied very minimal edits, mainly the “dave” border.

I am really pleased with the sharpness of the Fomapan 100 which I am putting down to the ILFOTC HC which I developed it in, taking time to meter the scene and spending a little more time in general. Slowing down.

Even more happy that my modern day Westcott flash trigger worked on the Canon A1 as if it was designed for it, meaning I could use my Westcott strobes for these images.

120 roll drama.

For a change I used a roll in each of the Bronicas but something went very wrong somewhere, which was expensive, as I had used a couple of rolls of Kodaks Portra 160.

This forced me to test the Bronicas.

First up the EC and four backs, 3 of which passed with flying colours as the other seems to not be winding on correctly making what looks like 645 images rather than 6×6. If you have any idea why that would be let me know as I would hate to bin this back.

I used three types of film, all developed using the ILFOTC HC.

Berggers pan 400, Ilford FP4 125 and Fomapan 100 where the test rolls used.

As of writing I am waiting for the negs to dry but will scan them and make a Gallery here to show the results.

Negatives are dry and here are the three galleries.

Ilford FP+ ISO 125

Bergger Pan 400

Fomapan 100

I am going to say for the record that I am now a BIG FOMAPAN fan boy.

Not only did it give be great negatives in under strobes but also in dull overcast weather in my garden testing the Bronica EC backs.

All rolls developed using box speeds and timings using ILFOTC HC

Moving forward.

This for me has been a real boost to my film experience and I think I have moved up a gear in both photo taking and developing.

Confidence is high enough to buy some Kodak Portra 400 to see if I can recreate the Colour Digital image via film and the result will be added here as soon as I do.

As updates will be added to this post, please come back to see how I am getting on.

I wish you well

DC x

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