Giving up on Colour Negatives

Giving up on Colour negatives

Well developing them at home is what I mean.

As many of you know I develop my Black and White negative films at home and have started printing via an enlarger the negatives also.

This is truly rewarding, education and having a piece of art at the end is most satisfying.

So developing Colour films must be basically the same right ?


On the face of it developing colour films and b&w look the same kind of process, colour needing twice the temperature of water and more care, but the same. But unless you get the process bang on, or as close as, you often end up with disappointing results, putting you off shooting colour film all together.

I like shooting colour film I have decided to admit defeat and send my colour films off to the professionals to be developed, sent back to me the best they can be, so I can then scan them or create colour prints on my enlarger, which is also a colour enlarger.

This means I can sell my colour development chemical and tools , mostly unused, focusing 100% on my own Black & White film developing and perfecting colour / b&w printing at home.

Instead of trying to be a “Jack of all” I am scaling back, admitting my short comings, and handing over to the Professional my Colour films, creating my time to enjoying all of my photography.

What do you think ? Am I right or Wrong?

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Wishing you well

DC x

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