Ilford Ilfotec HC: You have been using it wrong

Ilfotec HC

For some time now I have been working my way through a bottle of Kodak HC-110 using the well documented dilution of 1:31.

I also bought a bottle of Ilfords so called version of HC-110 namely ILFOTEC HC & every now and again thought I should crack it open to see how it devs by Black and White film.

This i did recently on my Fomapan 100 and was very pleased indeed.

I then did something us men are known for NOT doing. I read the F^^^ing Manual and realized that I and many others who praise the great single shot developer have been using it wrong.

I shall explain.

The first paragraph of the PDF on using ILFOTEC tells you that the liquid is in a state of very high concentrate, a bit like a bottle of your fave Orange squash, and requires diluting with water BEFORE you make you 1:31 working dilution.

So I thought to myself I have used it straight like I do Kodak’s HC-110 ie 1 part dev to 31 parts water so I would be cool to see if the way Ilford say you should use it works as well.

The PDF says to mix the 1ltr bottle of dev with 3 liters of water to make a full 4 liters of working solution.

But…. I do not want 4 liters of “stock dev” lying about but rather smaller 500ml or 1000ml bottle to use which is much more manageable in the Studio (shed).

A bit of cunning math’s later ie 125ml to 375ml (1:3) has made be 2 x 500ml bottles od “stock” to now mix up to 1:31 working solution. STOP RIGHT THERE…..

To get what we know as Dilution B 1:31, you must use 1 part stock and 7 parts water ie 125ml stock with 875ml water to get 1 ltr of working 1:31 (B) dilution. Halve this if you only want 500ml at a time like I do often.

Link to ILFOTEC DATA SHEET see page 2

Here is my Youtube video putting this into action.

Hi hope that helps and please do contact me if you need further information and subscribe to my YouTube channel as I will be using this a lot very soon as I explore in full Fomapan 100,200 and 400 films.

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I wish you well

DC x

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