Site Update

Hello and thank you for taking time to visit Vintage Film.

I have been slow adding new posts about my adventures in Film Photography recently as my Studio (shed) got damaged in the recent storm we had in the UK and fixing it has taken a bit longer than I hope, but thankfully all is well with the studio and I am eager to get back in there creating images.

Colour Image Focus.

I made a decision recently to focus my colour photography on my Digital site Daves Photo, as for now I am very unsatisfied with the colour film work I am producing.

The staggering hike in colour film cost also helped me fall back in love with my Canon R6 for all colour image taking.

I am going to try and split my time between Digital and Film equally producing posts and videos for each to share my adventures.

That’s it, just a little update to bring you up to speed and see you again soon.

Keep well

DC x

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