Lomography Metropolis film 1st roll shot

LomoChrome Metropolis 35 mm ISO 100–400

This is what the guys over at Lomography say about the new Metropolis film

“Unique chemical formulas set our LomoChrome color negative films apart. The brand-new, experimental 2021 formula LomoChrome Metropolis features punchy contrasts and muted tones with intense pops of color.”

My experience is a little different, not bad but definitely different from the advertising blurb.

They say “Muted tones with pops of colour” but for me there seems to be more in the muted tomes that pops of colour, which I say here now IS NOT A BAD THING.

Here is a gallery of some images I took on a recent walk in and around Ruslip in West London / Middlesex.

This is the 35mm version on my Canon A1 developed at home using Tetenal at 38 degrees sustained.

What I found after scanning via the Epson v850 & Silverfast software was mute, slightly bleach out look images, which again was what I was expecting, and to give them the “pop” of colour I had to lift the TIFF’s in post a little.

Here is an example

It is a nice film and does give a cool look, literally, but for me I think I will use it for special projects that demand that look or if I feel like doing something different.

If I feel really adventurous one day I might try some of their other films and see how they go but it is nice to see film photography being supported with new films and for that I thank Lomography.

DC x

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