Best Film Photography Tip Ever!!!

Best Film Photo tip ever

Someone kindly commented on one of my YouTube videos which reminded me of a tip I got from a very experienced film photographer.

I’m sharing it with you also in the hope it will save you money, time and frustration in your journey in film photography.

It matters not about what you might of heard regarding over exposing film, 35mm, 120 or the new CineStill 220 to be released soon, camera you own, colour or black & white, Pro or Armature photographer this tip is for all.

Tip: Stick to one film brand and iso until you understand everything it can achieve for you in all conditions.

It is very tempting to swing from one film to another, and god knows I am guilty of that also, before understanding the fine nuance a film stock can deliver for you.

That is why currently I am shooting Kodak Ektachrome 100 in 120 with my Bronica ETRSi to both get to know the Bronica fully and to understand the limits of Ektachrome.

I will know intuitively the best time and place to use this expensive film stock, thus saving money in the long run.

The picture used in this post shows the contents of my film fridge.

See, I have been guilty of jumping from film stock to film stock but am now heeding the tip given to me which is really focusing, no pun intended, the exploration of my film photography.

I hope this helps you to.

Just pick a film stock, maybe if your starting in film photography a cheap one like Fomapan 400, and stick with it until you fully understand it.

Then repeat this with deferent stocks until you start to hone in on films that suit your style of photography best.

I hope this helps even in some small way making film photography a pleasure for you

Wishing you well

dave x

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