Scanning Negatives Workflow Update

Epson v850

I have been using my Epson v850 scanner to scan my home developed films for sometime now and thought I would share here how I do it and how I have reduced the time and hard drive usage space along the way.

Since day one I have loaded the film holders, preview scanned, made my adjustment then hit batch scan, I’m using Silverfast software, and wait for the the first 18 shots of a 36 frame roll to be scanned then repeat.

I would then ope Photoshop and load up the 36 tiff files and start choosing my keepers and editing them to my taste.


After drying my films after developing them, I place them in Crystal Clear film sheets and take a 1200 dpi scan of them whilst in the sheet to make a Digital Contact sheet.

If they are negatives then I either use Photoshop to make them positives or Negative Labs Pro which speeds up the process. Although once you have made the adjustments manually and you film is to your liking, you can save it as a Custom profile in PS for future use on the same film stock.

Now I can either print a 600dpi contact sheet to look at or just zoom in on the images in my Digital Contact sheet to choose the ones I like and want to spend time and HDD space on.

I now treat each one I like as a separate image scan and set the dpi to the scanner natural max which in my case is 6400dpi. This gives the maximum detail and quality the negative can give me.

From here I open the TIFF file in PS and edit to my liking. While in PS i can save the finished image in various sizes for web, Instagram & print sizes, as then file is big enough to resize with no quality lost.

I think the moto “Less is More” has popped into my head and this has really sharpened up by game plan with scanning negs and maybe it might for you also.

If I discover relevant useful tips after posting this, I will edit this post and share them here with you. Or do you have any scanning negative tips to share ? If so contact me and let us all into your secrets.

Wishing you well

DC x

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