Kodak Gold 200 in 120 format. My Thoughts.

kodak gold 200 in 120 format

Did the new Kodak Gold 200 in 120 rolls meet up with the hype and my expectations?

I will assume, as you are reading this, you already know the back story to this “New to Market” colour film stock for medium format cameras and get straight into what I think from both shooting and developing at home.

It goes without saying that unpacking and loading into the backs of my Bronica ETRSi was simple and no different to any the film.

The exposed rolls where very easy to keep tight and stick the retaining strip to causing no accidental light leaks that can happen when using springy rolls of film.

On that note, what do I mean by “springy”.

The two images below where from different rolls and both developed in a Jobo 3 x roll tank at the same time.

I use Tetenal C-41 kit for my Colour negative developing which via the controlled use of the Jobo CPE3, it gives me all the colours and sharpness I want from my Colour films.

I get a good negative to use in my enlarger and via the Epson v850 scanner, loads of room to edit files in Photoshop if needed.

But I digress, what did I mean by “Springy” ?

I am sure you have tried to load 120 reels with various films and find that some rolls spring back at 100 mile an hour and normally those end up being negative strips that curl up.

But to my surprise and pleasure the Gold 200 is well, to put it delicately, flaccid.

This made it really easy to load onto the reels and I have “lay flat” 4 x 645 negative strips making scanning and enlarging a breeze. Thank you Kodak 🙂

The colours in the negatives are just right. Not to poppy and not to muted, balanced perfectly.

In printing or editing I can add contrast & or saturation if I want to, but having a negative not to biased in these levels allows me to decide where I want my image to go. Again a big thank you to Kodak.

I can see this becoming my day to day colour negative stock, as it is priced well and produces great negatives. Even handles a bit of pushing in the ISO range as well, but I am going to test this later to see how far we can take it. Fingers crossed 800 ISO will be usable 🙂

Can I recommend this film stock?

Of course I can. It is well priced compared to the other “pro” ranges in the Kodak camp and produces very pleasing negatives to do with as you deem fit. Easy to manage and develop makes this an obvious choice for Medium Format camera owners like myself.

I wish you well

DC x

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