All in on Medium Format?

A question I am tackling with internally is should I drop 35mm film totally in favor of going all in with medium format.

Up to 36 shots and easy light portability of 35mm film cameras, of which I have many, are qualities of the format that are hard to deny, make it very tempting to keep.

But the like for like detail in images between 35mm and 120 format are worlds apart and it is for this key reason I am seriously considering dropping my 35mm film collection and focusing on my Bronica setups.

I have a full compliment for the Bronica ETRSi and GS-1.

The ETRSi is what I currently call my “Street Photography” MF camera due to its comparative lightness in weight. Compared to a 35mm camera it is still a beast but compared to the GS-1 it is tiny.

The GS-1 is my Landscape and Studio MF setup.

For me with my health issues, it is to heavy to lug about all day so I keep this back to use in the Studio (Shed) shooting 6cm x 7cm images. I recently added the rare 645 back for the GS-1 which gives me vertical “Portrait” style images, 15 to a roll, without having to turn the camera body on its side. Just switch the backs and keep shooting.

The GS-1 outside for landscapes give a gorgeous 6x7cm negative to scan via my Epson v850 scanner to print large detailed prints if I want to.

I can also make a 6×6 from the 6×7 in my enlarger, my enlarger only goes upto 6×6, and make a wet print if I want to. Might get a 6×7 or 6×9 enlarger in the future but will see how it goes.

I have a Yashica 124g 6×6 as well and this recently has been cla’ed.

Currently I am testing it out & this could also become my “50’s style street photography” MF camera.

Coming clean….

I’m not as mad as I sound, questionable, and have a full Canon R6 setup including many RF and EF ‘L’ series lenses for fun and work that demands a quick turn around in the digital age.

35mm will still be in my bag just not the film version.

A new focused path of utilizing the full strength of Medium format in film photography feels like a good move, still trying to convince myself to take the hard step, but something is saying take the step and commit 100% to 120 format in film.

My eBay account is where I will list all the 35mm film kit and as you can guess, it is all in very good condition & there will be lots of it.

If I earn enough from your kind patronage I might invest in a Bronica RF645 😉

I wish you well and happy shooting

DC x

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